artista del cuerpo

movement researcher

dance artist









“...the active reclaiming or taking control over the female body through an action rather than passively being written upon by the wider culture.”

Katye Coe and Frank Bock 

I grew up in Mexico City.

Soy Mexicana pues.


I feel the necessity of talking honestly about who I am. This is where my work starts: from my body and the knowledge of its genealogy.


My continuous evolving search and practice in performance, dance, choreography and academic research finds its core in themes of identity.


Understanding and addressing the body with all its complex plasticity.


I am mainly influenced by postmodern dance; feminist and queer performance art; and practices that emerge in the edges of visual arts, performance art and dance.


Looking for alternatives of female representation.


The importance of process, research and experimentation.


Movement research through somatic practices.

I draw primarily on principles of Feldenkrais method, Limón, improvisation, release and Contact Improvisation.


Art with social commitment.


The body as vibrant matter, both subject and object.


Agency of the dancer.


ephemerality, durability; live moment, documentation; process, outcome; performance, art object.


Language and text as a tool for performance



I hold a First Class BA in contemporary dance from Trinity Laban and an MA at London Contemporary Dance School where I focused on performance and choreography.


I have published several articles in Mexico and Argentina about the work of Yvonne Rainer, Jérôme Bel and La Ribot.


I have written dance reviews in London for Resolution Festival at The Place, main stage productions at Sadler’s Wells and platforms such as Woman SRSLY;

as well as interviewed choreographers such as Hofesh Shechter and Gabriela Carrizo & Franck Chartier (Peeping Tom).


My MA dissertation focused on female Latin American performance art.

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