Is it a duet?

To express a movement in all its character and truth, it is important that it be at once

the result of the successive moments that have preceded the moment that one

has fixed, and that it announces the sensations of those that will follow

Auguste Rodin, 1911

Two performers dancing, walking and typing seem to have no other communication than the text they build together.

Movement that is distilled until its disappearance.

Dance as an ephemeral practice.

Text as a concrete trace they leave behind.

Is this a duet?, 2017, Laban Theatre, London.

Choreographer: Coral Montejano Cantoral

Performers: Emilia Ahopelto and Coral Montejano Cantoral

Music: J. S. Bach, Violin Partita No. 2 In D Minor, BWV 1004 (Arr. G.A. Devine For Guitar) - I. Allemanda

Photo credits: JK Photography

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