A solo on myself.


Using an overhead projector, I create an environment where the piece exists between a puzzle of letters and a puzzle of movements. As the piece unfolds, I construct different words and sentences, which suggests different meanings; the movements and poses start to repeat and reveal a looping sequence. Once the looping sequence is clear for the spectator, I perform it again and again but this time with restrictions such as tying two body parts, becoming harder and harder each time.


The intention of the piece is to eventually reveal in the last image data around numbers of violence against women in my home country Mexico.

Dawn, Nov 2017, The Place, London. Also performed at Abeerance platform, London on March 2018.

Choreography, concept and performance: Coral Montejano Cantoral

Music: Auto Show Day of the Dead and Fucking Milwaukee’s Been Hesher Forever by The Fun Years (Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks)

Photo Credits: Despina Patsika and Vladimir Gruev 

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